• The Sol de Mayo Project is located in the Northwestern part of the Deseado Massif Mining District, in the Province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, which bears several active mines such as Cerro Vanguardia or San José, as well as more than fifty gold and silver epithermal prospects within its surface (Figure 1).

  • The Sol de Mayo Project is placed approximately 60 Km Southeast of the Cerro Negro Mine, one of the most important and largest recent discoveries in the District. The GOLDCORP owned Cerro Negro Project has proven reserves of 3 million ounces of gold and 36.16 million ounces of silver. This U$S 1,800 million project recently entered into the production stage (Figure 2).

  • The Project area is approximately 400 km2, comprised by eight mining claims.

  • Regional exploration and reconnaissance programs were carried out in the entire Project between 2008 and 2011.

  • Detailed and more advanced studies that included geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys were performed over several vein and stockwork systems identified on three Sectors: Maria, Puma– Leona and Victorias.

  • This detailed exploration program was focused in the sampling and surveying of such systems, with the objective of evaluating the spatial surface and in-depth extension of their mineralization and to thus, to acquire a better understanding of the project characteristics and mining potential (Figure 3).

  • More than 10,800 meters of vein and stockwork systems bearing gold and silver mineralization have been so far recognized in the Project explored areas. Values of up to 7.8 g/t Au and almost 2,500 g/t Ag have been detected.

    • Puma Leona Sector

      • Several vein systems grouped in three zones were identified in this Sector, totaling approximately 5,500 meters.

      • El Alto” and the “Buena Vista” Vein Systems located in the Central Zone can be highlighted.

      • Overall average values for the “El Alto” 140 meters long and 20 meters wide system are 1.31 g/t Au and 35.23 g/t Ag. Highest gold value identified was 7.8 g/t Au.

    • María Sector

      • A total length of more than 1,700 meters veins have been recognized, most of them being slightly visible outcrops, highly eroded, only detectable by the presence of a small alteration halo.

      • Both the “Ventura” and the “Destino” Vein Systems showed an important presence of precious metals mineralization.

      • Silver content in several samples from the “Ventura” Vein System exceeded the 200 g/t detection limit of the performed geochemical analysis. Highest silver value obtained was 2,407 g/t Ag.

    • Victorias Sector

      • Five different areas bearing vein systems were identified in this Sector: East, Central, North- West, South- West and North End.

      • The East Vein System presents silver values in ninety percent of the analyzed samples.

      • Significant gold anomalies were found principally in the Southwest and North End areas. Maximum gold values of 2.53 and 1.29 g/t Au were respectively detected.


An intense exploration program is currently being carried out since the beginning of 2015´s field season in order to define, within the shortest possible timeframe, the grade and amount of the mineral resources of the Project.

Such exploration efforts include:

  1. In all the different mineralized zones identified within the three main prospective sectors:

  1. Detailed geological mapping.

  2. Detailed geochemical sampling of vein and stockwork systems.

  1. In the Puma-Leona and Victorias Target Zones:

    • Puma- Leona Sector: El Alto and Buena Vista Vein Systems (Figures 4 & 5).

    • Victorias: South West and North End Vein Systems.

  1. Geophysical surveys: Induced Polarity and Magnetics.

  2. New analysis and re-interpretation of old drilling wells (Figure 6).

  3. Geochemical analysis.

  4. Thin section mineralogical analysis.

  5. Data integration and vein systems modeling.

  6. Definition of drilling targets.

Based on the results of such analysis, interpretations and the definition of drilling targets, an exploration drilling program will be carried out.

The drilling program will include the following tasks:

  1. Logistics: design and construction of drilling platforms and their access roads.

  2. +2,000 meters of drilling wells, approximately distributed in 150- 200 meters deep holes, using HQ diamond drilling equipment.

  3. Drill cores geochemical and mineralogical analysis.

  4. Data integration and vein systems modeling.


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